Deformation Steps
Billet Heating Rotary Hearth Furnace
Piercing of the Billet into a Shell Cross Roll Piercer, with cone type rolls, arranged in vertical position and with guiding discs
Finishing of Shell into a mother tube FQM Retained Mandrel Mill, equipped with 5 three roll adjustable type stands individually driven
Extracting the tube from the mandrel Extracting Mill, equipped with 3 Stands, with three rolls
Finishing of Mother tube into the final required tube sizes Sizing Mill, equipped with 10 stands, with three rolls

Main Equipment includes Billet Cutting Saws, Rotary Hearth Furnace, Cross Roll Conical Piercer, Retained Mandrel Mill with 5 stands 3 roll (Fine Quality Mill), Extractor Mill, Intermediate Cooling Bed, Walking Beam Heat treatment Furnace, Sizing Mill, Cooling Bed, Cutting Saws, NDT Inspection, Chamfering and face off, Hydrotester, Marking and Stencilling.

Hot Billets are pierced into shells in the Cross roll conical Piercer and the shells are rolled into tubes in the 5 Stand 3 Roll Retained Mandrel mill. The tubes are extracted from the mandrel and transferred to Walking Beam Heat treatment Furnace for rolling at Sizing Mill. The complete process is controlled by Level 2 Automation for hot rolling of high quality seamless pipes. The pipes are of superior surface finish on OD and ID, tight dimensional control and high productivity.
Process Chart
Process Flow